Incredible Belgaum (INC BGM) launched on January 2012 by Mr. Pavan P Govekar .
The motto behind this was to develop Belgaum and Belgaum people in over all.
Present we are having 1500+members registered, we are helping people of Belgaum by conducting social campaigns.
World should recognize INC BGM by its beauty of nature, development and strong unity of people..


Our Vision is to achieve a level of sustainable community development with respective to gender/caste equality, in a context of good governance and decentralization and where the majority of the Belgaumites have access to basic social services.
Our Objectives are to inscribe a standard of rights within the strategic framework for reduction of religious problems and the development of Belgaum.

Our Mission is to “Promote a better quality of life for communities, youth in education and other Belgaumites, through their full participation in the development of our Belgaum.
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INC BGM a NGO REGD BEL-1016-2012-13, which provides various social work campaign to Belgaum and its people with non profit motives. Currently this club is growing at the finest, where small motto got an big exposure for achievement.
We are bringing in more members such that the mutual help will help us to achieve our goals.
We are hoping to help Belgaum in over all, where we are going to tie-up with corporate and all the other companies engaged in business.
We don’t support any Political body and also we are against unethical practices. Illegal practice is banned as per our code of ethic.
„Incredible Belgaum is a NGO, which aims at
To unit all the people of Belgaum with respective to caste/religions.
„To create social awareness against all social unethical works.
„To provide strong educational awareness programs to Belgaumites.
„Uplift the youths towards their right goal and show them right path, as they are future of Belgaum.
„To make Belgaum greenery where we will build to develop Environmental awareness programs.
How we can?
We the Incredible Belgaum, will build our own group and help each other wiath respective to caste/ religion. We will help and develop all the people of Belgaum.

„Each and every member with mutual help, will work and will achieve the motto of the work.

Alone we can't do, but with team we can!

Help us to help you
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