Incredible Belgaum (INC BGM) launched on January 2012 by Mr. Pavan P Govekar .
The motto behind this was to develop Belgaum and Belgaum people in over all.
Present we are having 1500+members registered, we are helping people of Belgaum by conducting social campaigns.
World should recognize INC BGM by its beauty of nature, development and strong unity of people..
Belgaumites with volunteer participated in Incredible Belgaum social and development events and activities which were held in year 2012-13 like
- Blood Donation Campaign,
- Food Donation Campaign,
- Cloth Donation Campaign,
- Awareness Campaign to support Hockey sport and Indian Hockey Team,
- And other Awareness Campaign’s,
- Helped poor family to get good job and helped their family in providing medical facilities and so on,
- Financial helped provided to student who was dynamic in studies, but financially weak,
- Volunteer blood donation in emergency facilities to Belgaumites,
- Development walk with student towards Belgaum roads, Better traffic facilities and also to promote Girl/Women safety facilities in Belgaum city,
- And other social works where carried in 2012-13.

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